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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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saz. [applause] about. >> this is a huge day. >> of course it's a disappointing ruling. but it's not really a surprise. we weren't surprised. this is most liberal most overturned court in the country. >> marriage equality is the next step to finally showing
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california that my parents are equal. that our family is equal. >>reporter: good evening. federal appeals panel in san francisco ruled today that california proposition 8 banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional. it was a split decision. justice rhinehart wrote the majority opinion saying proposition 8 serve no, sir purpose other than to lessen the status and hum an dignity of gay and lesbian in california and to officially reclassify their relationship and family as inferior this decision could ultimatelyly bring this controversial social issue to the u.s. supreme court. carolyn tyler has been following this case ever since gay marriages began in san francisco 8 years ago. >> it was highly anticipated ruling so crowd was waiting on the courthouse steps. >> what i care about is the constitution. i care that all americans are treated equally under the eye of the law. >> that is basically what a panel the 9th circuit court of
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appeals decided. in a two-1 ruling with judge smith dissen dissenting proposition 8 was declared unconstitutional. the judges say it violates the equal protection clause of the constitution their opinion uphold lower court ruling against the measure which 52 percent of californians voters approved back in 2008. >> disappointing ruling but it's not really a surprise. because we are dealing here with the 9th circuit. one of the most liberal courts in the country. >>reporter: prop 8 backer plan to appeal but that doesn't mar the victory for same sex couple. >> we can see over the dark wall of discrimination. >>reporter: berkeley resident chris and sandy are one of the 2 couple who sued to over turn prop 8. the teenager son celebrated with them today. >> today our court sent a powerful message to us and our children and our children children that is that we are
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all equal. all deserve the same rights and we all matter. >>reporter: supporters march from the courthouse to san francisco city hall. the city has lead role in the case. and leaders gather to praise the ruling even though the court took a narrow approach that only applies to california. >> this is another brick in the wall. another step in the process. i'm not disappointed with the ruling at all. >>reporter: now the fight continues. >> this is a much longer journey ultimately to the supreme court. this is just one of the steps. >>reporter: the prop 8 backer have 21 days to appeal and while this indicates proceeds the ban on same sex marriage remain in place. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> later in the hour tonight capitol correspondent annette reports on the supreme court justice who was considered the swing vote and may decide this issue for the entire country. >> in the mean time legislation to make washington the seventh state to legally recognize same
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sex marriage gets a vote in the house tomorrow. lawmakers are expected to pass it. the senate approved it last week. the governor says she will sign it into law. >> well presidential politic and what appears to be a breakthrough night for rick santorum. former pennsylvania senator has difficulty size i feel in won the g.o.p. presidential primary in missouri. romney second. ron paul third. election carries bragging rights but does not award any delegates. santorum also won manipulate society commanding lead over second place finisher ron paul. romney is third there. >> tonight was not just a victory for us. tonight was a victory for the voices of our party. conservative and tea party people who are out there every single day in the vineyard building the conservative movement in the country building the base of the republican party and building a voice for freedom in this land. thank you. >> this was a good night for rick santorum. congratulate
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senator santorum wish him the best. we'll keep on campaigning down the road but i expect to become our nominee with your help. >>reporter: in colorado returns still coming in but santorum in first place followed by gingrich and romney. caucus in minnesota and colorado are also non-binding keep in mind. now santorum campaign has really struggled since he narrowly won the iowa c there are 2 more races this month before the big contest march 6 that is super tuesday when 10 states go to the poll but certainly adding incontributory negligence tonight. >> police have made an arrest in the shooting early today of a federal agent targeted outside his own home. suspected gunman thinks man dennis bag well picked up during traffic stop. bag well is property manager of 30 unit apartment complex in peed mochbility he's accused of attempted murder and authorities are searching his home tonight. more on all this from corrina. >> the shots were fired shortly before six this morning in
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front of the victim's home on main landing road in newark. one bullet actually went through the next door neighbor forerunner. another neighbor who didn't want to be identified woke up when she heard a loud noise outside. >> i stayed with him only the phone and during a few minutes of our phone call i heard 3 gunshots and then medley 2 after. my husband told me to hangup the phone and call the police. i dialed 911. >>reporter: person taken to the hospital is a 61-year-old u.s. custom and border protection officer assigned to san francisco international airport. newark police arrested 61-year-old dennis bag well from piedmont for attempted murder >> it appears the agent had a confrontation with the suspect. unknown if the agent discharged a weapon. this was an off duty incident not in his working capacity. >> within a kim minutes i went to a window and heard a woman kind of screaming saying oh, no robert no no no and that was i
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it. >>reporter: the federal officer was hit at least once and taken to eden medical center. he is expected to survive but the shooting has shaken people in the neighborhood. >> i hope he's okay. >> shocking because that's like i have never had any violence around me in newark my whole life but it's crazy. >>reporter: police arrested bag well after a traffic stop in union city. they say he has no prior criminal history. >> motive is always interestin interesting, right. however that's part of the investigation and we can't rae lease any of that information. >>reporter: one note of importance. we have found out that it is agents from department of homeland security and not newark police who are searching bag well piedmont home. also the victim family has requested that updated medical information on him not be released. in newark, corrina abc 7 news. >> 3 children saved from a fire in the east bay. one had to be
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dropped from the second floor to escape the flames. dramatic rescue captured on the helmet camera worn by a firefighters. look carefully here and you can see the mother hand off her child over the stair railing and that the hands of a firefighters to safety. more tonight from abc 7 nick smith. >> thochb anthony. >> frightened panic neighbor could be heard screaming. calling out to firefighters to save the children trapped inside the burning apartment just outside san leandro. as we slow down the video you can see a woman hand ago child off to firefighters waiting below while flames smoke nip at her heels. >> we have heavy fire from the first floor window. confirmed rescue. on the second floor. >>reporter: here you can see a firefighters work his way for thick curtain of smoke a man with more than 2 decades of service unhis belt and the only one on the team with new tool being tested by the alameda county fire department. helmet cam. >> a lot of thew3 family members
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weren't able to get out and we had neighbors and parents saying that their younger children were still trapped on the second floor. >>reporter: take a lack at the fire as he saw it. you can hear the officer calling out to the children he later found scared and hiding in a close he. he and team are using the camera attached to his hell notary view the procedures and provide the public with bird eye view of danger they face and every second counts when it comes saving lives. >> it was a very chaotic scene when we first arrived. >>reporter: fire crew rescue 3 children from the home. they even used infrared camera to search the room. one child made it out on his own. now the crew that battled this early morning fire stand in the shadow of a building left in ruin. melted bed frame. charred bicycle and the ash remain of place one family used
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to call home. . neighbors tell that you say the displaced family now staying with relatives. the cause of the fire still under investigation but early reports suggest that it may have been caused by mattress being placed too close to a space heater. it isn't clear if the family had working smoke detector. in ashland, nick smith abc 7 news. >> major corporate shake up at yahoo to talk about. chairman roy and 3 long time board members resigned their seats today to. 2 independent members were chosen for 2 of the vacancy. yahoo has new chief executive to reshape the company after disappointing results. >> silicon valley is bouncing back as a whoa. key finding out tonight from the latest study of the valley economy. but it's not all rosey. there are still some troubling signs as well. business and technology reporter david lou tonight with the good news and the bad. >> first sign of recovery on the job front. 2012 silicon valley index says 42,000 jobs
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added in the past year. increase of 3.8%. that translates that 1.two million people working in 2011 nearly matching the 1.3 million in the work force prayer to the recession. start up back by venture capitol appear on the come back. venture capitol investments rose 17 percent last year totalling 7. 6 billion dollars. and there were 12 i p o. initial public offerings in 2011. compared to 11 in 2010 the and only one in 2009. while employment is up, income is down. the median silicon valley income is 86,000 dollars. down 3 percent from a year ago. while household making 100,000 or more are on the rise, up 7 and a half percent, there is concern over a nearly 4 percent decline in families making under 100,000. >> tech is not a big job generator any more because the tech we invented also eliminated whole classes of jobs. support people. administrative positions. fil filers. clerks. you don't
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need any of that any more. >>reporter: silicon valley index also adjusting the time to take a hard look at prop 13. 1978 ballot initiative that rolled become property taxes and set limit for annual increases. >> we do not have the revenue that we are used to to sustain the services we have today. it's a structural we need to look at our expire way of financing local government. >>reporter: dr. carson hopes the prop 13 discussion and the need to address local government services will be discussed this friday at special conference for business and community leaders. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. a lot more ahead for you this evening. stay tune. coming up. new crime crisis in oakland tonight. police chief steps up to tackally new wave of violence. >> but critic say not enough. >> plus san francisco broaden the ban on bags. it will cost >> plus san francisco broaden the ban on bags. it will cost you to take one >> accu-weather forecast center winter weather paid us a one
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day visit and now i'll show you what is coming next in the day visit and now i'll show you what is coming next in the accu-weather forecast coming u >> from paul to john. poet song writer and certain truth thought to be he feel evidence. now scientist will see if they are right. stay with us. news
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>> in a major bay area city tonight, new resolve to fight the seamingly endless blood shed on the streets. chief of the oakland police department release these photographs. he says they represent the 4 most wanted fugitive in his city. and he wants the public help finding them. this is part of a larger effort by the now permanent chief howard jordan. he wants people living in oakland to know there is a shift in priority. laura has the story. >>reporter: recently oakland police department and the uts marshall office served a search warrant that resulted in the recovery of 9 guns from one location. >> as the city experiences sudden spike in crime the chief says he's diverting all available resources to so-called hot spots. in the past week alone oakland has had 20 shootings. 5 of them homicide. in the past month officers have confiscated 20 illegal gun in high crime neighborhood. but jordan says
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there are many more out there. that's why his under man force is partnering with federal agency to get them off the street. >> we have established a gun tip hotline designed to address possession, use and supply of firearms to intimidate, assault, commit illegal acts in our community. >> we look for change. we look for peace. >>reporter: bishop jackson is with the church here. jackson says the new chief initiative may not be enough. >> you get them to stop it by having more pull over. pull the cars over. can't profile. we have a crisis going on don't we. who is going to protest about somebody pulling somebody over just to check folk and say do you have a gun? you on probation on parole let me check you out. >>reporter: police say they have been distracted by occupy demonstrations chief could provide no hard data that crime has increased in other parts of the city while the officers deal with protestors. he has said hundreds of nip 11 calls go unanswered. for the
9:18 pm
response is delayed during big occupy events. >> guess what the chef talked about today. that despite all the distractions all the antic of occupy oakland east keeping the focus on solving world crime in the neighbor. >>reporter: the chief talked about the new gun tip line. let's show that you number. it's 5 1 0-5 1-7-8 7 9 3. you can find that phone number on our web site. abc 7 there you can also take a closer look at those photo of oakland 4 most wanted fugitive. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> across the bay. san francisco is tough engine up the already strict ban on plastic bag. >> this afternoon board of supervisors unanimously approved broadening the 5-year-old ban to include all retail stores and restaurants. and just like san jose started doing this year stores in san francisco will now be able to charge 10 cents for any type of paper or reusable bag they
9:19 pm
provide. plastic bag will still be allowed in san francisco to carry bulky items or food like fish and feed. this ban takes effect next year. >> spencer is here and left us as quickly as it came. one day of rain. >>reporter: one day of rape. now back to the old spring like pattern in february. >> go figure. not a lot of rain. >> no. except maybe a couple spots. most part just moderate to light rainfall. live view from the high definition roof top camera. right here nbc 7 lacking back across the sky line of downtown financial district here in san francisco. on night that features clouds but well see partial clearing as we get later in the nature time hour. as you can see the rainfall has indeed ended. so here's a look at some of our rainfall total. in the north bay more impressive total than other parts of the bay area. one inch at clever dale over just a little bit 3 quarters inch at saint helena. almost a quarter inch exactly 1 quarter
9:20 pm
inch in oak land. redwood city and san jose and a half moon bay. so widely varying rainfall total across the bay area. we look at temperature readings rather yawn form. low to mid 50's all through the bay area and these are our highlights. we see partial clearing tonight. mostly sunny. milder conditions tomorrow than ka for sure. dray and mild for the remainder of the week. right on in to the weekend. now our coastal watch is in effect. high surf advisory from 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning to 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. west swell threaten to 16 feet likely. breaker to 18 feet possible also strong rip current are possible. writ now looking at wave height nip to 11 feet in most postal locatio location. now satellite radar composite image shows the weakening frontal system rainfall that we have had splitting weakening moving inland. follow the time line starting 11:00 o'clock this evening so dissipated front will disappear and will see
9:21 pm
sunny warm conditions state wide tomorrow and certainly that will be the case here in the bay area. low tonight with few lingering clouds. mainly in the low to mid 40's. down to 39 at santa rosa which looks lick it's our cool spot then tomorrow sunny sky and mild condition all over again starting another pattern. high pressure will be mainly in the low to mid 60's up to about 66 at santa rosa 65 oakland and concord free mont 66 at san jose 64 in antioch so mild all around the bay area even the coast will see high in the low 60's and downer monterey bay look for similar range high mid upper 60's. 66 at water so so thatville. 67 at gilroy and salinas and 66 at hollister. accu-weather 7 day forecast really mild on thursday with high pressure up around 70 degrees in the warmest inland location and nearly 70 around the bay. see mid 60's as the high on friday then on sunday we see few extra clouds gather. slight chance of light showers
9:22 pm
overnight sunday night into early monday morning then we get partial clearing monday afternoon and tuesday valentine's day sunny and warm. >> 70 degrees on the 9th of february. >> can you believe that. >> really unusual but it's wonderful weather. >> thanks spencer very much gentleman still ahead tonight. president gets surprised. >> we show you what is behind that reaction. plus. >> scientist discover the ol oldest living thing on earth. >> scientist discover the ol oldest living thing on earth. what it is. when abc@ñ
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>> local teenager was among the students who got the chance to spend the day at a white house students who got the chance to spend the day at a white house science fair. >> there you go. is that good?
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all right. oh. isn't that fu fun. the teenagers who excel in math and science impressed the president with everything from robot in the blue room to cannon in the state dining roo room. >> young people like you that make me so confident that america best days are still to come. >> bay area teenager was among those the president honored. angela is from cupertino. video of the 17-year-old senior from mont vista high school after top honest at the annual science competition. fun day for the young people in washington. well mean time scientist grown up kind figure out the world oldest living thing. it is giant sea grass in the mediterranean interestingly. australian scientist sequence the dna and found it's up to 200,000 years old. they say sea grass survived so long because it can clone itself, reproduce asexually and stock pile nutrient for tough time. however researchers say claim
9:27 pm
at change is causing problem for sea grass possibly to the point of eventual extinction. >> john keith wrote about it and paul sang about it talking about the sound of birds. now scientist will see whether bird song really does cheer us up. are you feeling happy yet? researchers from britain say there is a lot of anecdote evidence but no scientific paragraph on how bird song actually affects our mood attention and level of creativity. researchers will lack that all of that plus whether there is any difference to listening to bird on computer or outside in the natural environment. more effective outside don't you? >> when we continues tonight. we sit down with the google employee whose arrest in egypt a year ago helped usher in the air of spring. >> i'm in sacramento. same sex marriage issue could be decided
9:28 pm
by one california an. if prop 8 goes to the u.s. supreme court justice kennedy could provide the swing vote. >> plus the dinner roll tonight? why it is dangerous to your tonight? why it is dangerous to your health. stay with us anot
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>> good evening once again thanks for tuning in. here's a look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. police arrested a man late today suspected of shooting an off duty federal agent near his home in the base in newark. he's expected to survive. investigators identify the gunman as 61-year-old dennis bag well of piedmont. fbi is lead ago search of the home. they are not saying what may have motivated this shooting. >> conservatism is aleif and well in missouri and minnesota.
9:32 pm
>> rick santorum takes 2 out of 3 tonight winning the contest in both missouri and minnesota. there are no actual delegates but santorum does block romney momentum in the republican presidential primary. votes still being counted tonight in colonel republican and democrat 0. >> and same sex couple and supporters in san francisco cheer after an appeals court ruled the ban on same sex marriage is unconitional. opponent of gay marriage say they will take their case to the u.s. supreme court over turn the ruling. >> same sex marriage ban tossed out and will be appealed all wait to the supreme court. . inside much speculation about justice kennedy. sacramento native an justice widely considered to hold the swing vote on this controversial issue. capitol correspondent annette has that story. >> u.s. supreme court is a heavily divided high court. with key case come down to a
9:33 pm
5-4 vote. justice kennedy a native california an and reagan appointee often is that swing vote and some say he could be the key in deciding same sex marriage. >> justice kennedy specifically has offered the 2 most important gay lesbian right cases. >>reporter: the school of law professor teaches sexual orientation law and knows justice kennedy who has taught at this campus for years and comes back once in a while to visitor lecture. his portrait hangs in the new library. it wasn't same sex marriage but initiative denying gay and lesbian protection from things like jobs and housing discrimination. justice kennedy was clear in saying that was wrong in his 1996 decision. >> justice kennedy very powerfully said that you can not under the equal protection clause single out a group and say we are going take away
9:34 pm
rights. we are going to treat you differently because we don't like you. >> we think there's really in comparison at all. >>reporter: the attorney for prop 8 supporters says that case doesn't apply. >> in this case the people were just exercising their right to reinstate the definition of marriage. >>reporter: also wondering whether prop 8 will really come down to justice kennedy. >> declaring a right of same sex marriage that would sweep away marriage law of most states in the country would be a very radical step. i just don't see our supreme court doing that. >>reporter: many legal experts believe the 9th circuit ruling was taylored to justice kennedy. there were many references to the other case but professor levine warns that's no indication of how kennedy would vote. in sacramento, abc 7 news. sausolito man who set fire to marry island was sentenced to 27 years in prison and ordered to pay 70 million dollars in restitution. october 2,000 5 fire destroyed
9:35 pm
the entire inventory of several small family owned winery damage estimates were in the 250 million dollar range. 63-year-old anderson ran a wine cellular in the winehouse and investigated for stealing wine from his clients when he was evicted. hacker group known as anonymous has targeted oakland mayor kwan and other top city officials. on line this morning the group hosted the home addresses and phone numbers birthday and e-mail addresses of the mayor, city council, city administrator and even the police chief. all of it is public information. the mayor refused to comment on this. councilman said it's part of the risk of being a public figure. >> obviously i'm exposed and i think we have to be careful. we definitely have to make sure that we obviously will watch over our shoulders but i would not, weren't be intimidated by this. >>reporter: anonymous says it
9:36 pm
is disgusted and shocked by the way the city handled the occupy protest including the arrest of more than 400 people last month when demonstrators broke into city hall. >> one year ago today a young google executive made headlines as an inspiration for the arab spring he was hailed as hero touted as one of the most influential people on the planet. tonight he's in the bay area. abc 7 mark matthews spoke about how he sees events unfolding now in egypt. >> when 30-year-old google executive created facebook page calling for democracy in egypt he didn't know it would go viral. in january of 2011 he went to egypt. and was arrested. and hundreds of thousands of followers turned out in the square to protest the government. and he was rae leased one year ago today, he was credited with helping to spark the revolution. >> i'm not a hero. >>reporter: but the camera did focus on him. "time"magazine listed him as one of the world
9:37 pm
100 most influential people. >> yes i go get a lot of cechlt one of the reasons why i wrote the book is telling the story from my perspective and try to explain to people what exactly happened. >>reporter: revolution 2.0is affirmation of the power of the egyptian people. but he admits the pace of change in egypt is slower and more frustrating than he had hoped. >> but i keep reminding myself that this country is recovering from 60 years of military rule. 30 years of dictatorship it will take time this. >>reporter: week civilian and police clash again in the streets of cairo. again pro democracy protestors being killed. and branded by the military administrators as foreign sponsored terrorists. >> the you know this doesn't ñ makes me more keen to help as much as i can as an individual. >>reporter: he says he can not despair for egypt and the protestors can not either. too much has been gained to give u up. >> somebody came to me listen
9:38 pm
i'll tell what you will happen it will be out of power and 27 million egyptian are going to take to the streets to vote for whom ever they want in the parliament i would say you need to see a psychiatrist. >>reporter: he believes there will be a peaceful transition of power. he also thinks that the egypt is israeli peace treaty will be maintained. at stanford, abc 7 news. >> much more ahead for you tonight coming up circus stunt man thought this was going to be his last performance. we have that story in a moment. and this the blizzard of ticker tape in manhattan.
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>> it was good day to be a new new yorker. hundreds of thousands of giants fans maybe upwards of a million cheered the superbowl champion during the parade along broadway in lower manhattan. quarterback and game mvp eli manning showed off the lombardi trophy. coach coughlin players and staff received key to the city at the end of the parade outside city hall. very exciting day for new york giants fans. >> the federal government released new list today detailing the top 10 sources of sodium in what americans eat every day. bread and roll top the list. not because of the salt content but because we tend to eat so many of them. top 5 also include cold cut. pizza. poultry and soup. a lot of salt in soup. nutritionist say we should eat a maximum of teaspoon per day but we consume more than that. >> group of young performers headed back to the old west in musical opening night art
9:43 pm
education project saturday and as don sanchez explains it's really something. ♪ . >>reporter: welcome to the rough old west town in the 1959 musical. performed by tall ended young people in the san francisco art project. musical theater company that is all about diversity and opportunit opportunity. >> it really does bring them to the theater in a way that most of them would never have come. >>reporter: it becomes path of discovery. change. responsibility. >> they consider it their other family. i want the show to do very well so i have to try my best. 110 percent every single day. >>reporter: the show is about community and really the sense of what you get here relaying on each other and developing self confidence and focus. i think it really teaches at very
9:44 pm
high level and it brings kids of different age groups and different background and different schools together so i think the whole community aspect of it is really a great experience for all the kids. >>reporter: music dance performance brought to 27 public schools year round. there is a summer program. 47 students are selected for the players based on talent and commitment and it becomes a life changing experience. >> so discipline so when you are like learning newcomb by nation and you know how to stay focus. teachers and family say that this kind of work really focuses them for everything. more attentive at school. more disciplined at home. >>reporter: performance for 3 weekends will help finance this to bring opportunity for future generations. in san francisco, abc 7 news.
9:45 pm
there's talented kid. jumped before but never from this height. record sky dive from the evenly of space. that story coming up. >> and get ready for oscar sunday for the best video blog and buzz. experience the oscars starting now on osca and down load our app from abc 7 news. check it ssz sawz stunt man is
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recovering from a freak accident that horrified circus goers in michigan. watch what happened. amateur video show what is happened when the motorcycle rider hit a wire while performing in the grand finale of the circus on sunday. watch this. fortunately he only broke his leg. not his neck. circus director says the wire should have been hung
9:49 pm
higher and they are investigating why it was not installed properly. watch again as eclipse the wire and plummet straight down. ring master rush ins there to try to help. >> well, now to an austrian adventure highest sky dive in history is planned. he plans to jump from the very edge of space all from a height of roughly 23 miles. that's 12 120,000 feet. to put that in perspective the average average passenger plane 39,000 feet and he will wear a suit similar to those worn by the astronauts. he will fall so fast that he becomes the first person to good faster than the speed of sound unaided bay machine. others have tried and failed to achieve this fete. he plans to make record attempt later this year. balm gaern is famous for stunts such as jumping off the towers in malaysia. record was set at 102,000 feet apparently in 19 skichlt he will get up that high by balloon from what
9:50 pm
we understand. >> well could be worse. spencer could be jumping. let's g bo and update the forecast. that's crazy. >> i'm not jumping from 120 feet. start with our coastal watch. high surf advisory in effect tomorrow. 4 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. westerly swell threaten to 16 feet and could be strong rip current. bear that in mind it's along the coast side. mild and high pressure in the mid 60's tomorrow back into that warm pattern again and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. thursday high up around 70 degrees in mildest location. mailed weather continues and dray through the weekend but sunday night into monday morning we may have some showers light though it will be and then on tuesday valentine's day heart warmed by the weather if by nothing else. >> thank you spencer. >> larry is here with all the sports. >> looks like we have a golf tournament. >> tiger back at pebble beach. and so are the giants. matt cain dressed for success.
9:51 pm
maybe something else. yikes. oh. all star shoot out on the maybe something else. yikes. oh. all star shoot out on the cocococococococococo
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comes7 up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. window blown out of san francisco home tonight but resident were cooking when something got out of control. and 5 future innovation. high tech stuff you didn't even know you needed. until now. those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. soon we won't be able to live without it. larry here. >> robot sportscaster. didn't know you needed it. >> developing it. >> i'm working on it right now. >> ellis exploded against oklahoma city. problem with the warriors thunder best team in the league and they have a couple guy that is light it up as well. contrary high tonight for monty 46 points. accomplish 46 going to the hoop easily right there. gliding i in. corner 3. 18 in the first quarter for monty. russell west pwroochblingt wow! 360
9:55 pm
spin. up in the second. throwing down. splits the double team. finish was a left hand. 30 in the first half. monty the runner falling out of bounds. warrior down and barrage in the third. 40 through 3 quarter. triple double and assisting on the reverse. to the hoop you want some more? 45. with 3 minutes left in this game and warriors clinging to a 112-111 lead. tiger woods is back pebble beach national pro am first time in a decade. after personal and contrary implosion. woods believes his golf game is back on course. tiger says the schedule really what kept him away from pebble beach for 10 years in the national pro many a. played in the open. but not a big am of 6 hour round with celeb. after various injury and pain in personal life his personal life unraveling he wlevs he's ready to start winning again on the tour. >> i feel in very at breast i'm
9:56 pm
at. i had to make some changes and that took time and i'm starting to see the results of that now. which is great. last 4 event i really played well. my body is feeling explosive again. >> frainers and san francisco giants square off at pebble today. 100,000 dollar shoot out for charity. mike reports 2 new players this year. jim harbaugh and alec smith. >> any time you get pro athlete from 2 different sports on a golf course there is going to be some trash talking going on. >> i got up in the middle last tonight and bed sheets were gone i didn't know where the heck they went and imagine tha that. when i got out here and he's wearing them. what the heck. >>reporter: they were new addition to this year event and will the thrill hit thanksgiving white ball ace lot easier. >> what's your handicap your swing. >> i'm living life that it's
9:57 pm
sitting still. not moving. >>reporter: scrap the first 15 shots. >> try to get hit off the tee. >>reporter: will gave the giants a lead with a slap stick and 2 skins and clark had this 3 footer for a team victory. [applause]. >> my ball are still sweaty that was cool. 40,000 dollar prices. if it was for put in my own pocket no way i could have pulled the putter back but that was awesome. >>reporter: big fun for everyone today. dwight clark pulled it out on the final hole to win it for the 49 ers. big winner today all the charities. at pebble beach abc 7 sports. first round at pebble is thursday. a agree to new contract extension for general manager bean that run through the 2019 season. wolf told the
9:58 pm
news 5 year extension for bean gm since 1997. billy pre-sighed of the glory years with the money ball era and now what seems like constant rebuilding with the a's. so that people believe thinks another sign that the a's expect they are heading to new ballpark in san jose relatively soon. long time shark owens retirement at the shark tank. he lives from san jose. played for 19 years 8 with the shark. captain of the team. holds many of the franchise records. >> superbowl champion giants honored at parade today in new york city. mayor bloomberg declaring new york to be the big blue apple. estimated between 500,000 and 1 million fans may have lined the parade route for the giants second superbowl win in the past 4 years as justin tuck rae minded everybody. >> we got a ring. we xwt a ring. [applause] guess what? i got 2.
9:59 pm
>> and while giant fans were safe organize the title, new england fans found this on line today. patriots tight end rob big guy in the white shirt bad ankle and all dancing the night away. this video is from sunday night after the superbowl loss. rob obviously past the grieving stage. >> everyone process ins their own way. >> you know exactly. >> coach. >> if you are an athlete cell phone video is your worst nightmare. >> celebrating if losing the superbowl. >> not good. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news here on coffee tv 20. thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. always. hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now.


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